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EXE Green Holding, along with Optim Project Management as consultancy firm, has accomplished to finish the mounting of more than 3000 LED light fixtures and over 6000 meters of LED strip. The project was a real challenge for our electricians and engineers but we finally fulfilled every task. At the end of the month (the whole project took us about 30 days), we obtained these results:

  • 1500 LED light fixtures mounted
  • 1000 meters of LED strip on the facade of the building
  • 500 meters of LED strip in hard reach areas



Ecopaper meant for EXE Green Holding more than an ordinary project. We worked for Ecopaper during winter season, at - 18 degrees Celsius (- 0.5 Fahrenheit), for two months in two shifts (day and night). Our electricians and engineers’ team accomplished all the tasks in order to finish the lighting project, meaning:


  • 1000 meters of electric cable mounted
  • 4 electric panels mounted
  • more than 200 LED projectors mounted at over 25 meters high



EXE Green Holding team, meaning 8 electricians and an engineer, has finished the project in about three weeks, working only during night time. The project consisted of:

  • 1000 LED Light fixtures mounted
  • Replacing all the other lighting fixtures on the reception areas and pedestrian access areas



It took our team only three day to accomplish this project. It consisted in measuring and drilling the ceiling and the walls for mounting 1000 LED light fixtures.


EXE Green Holding has accomplished, using a team of engineers, electricians and climbers, during a single day – 12 hours of continuous work. All the old incandescence or fluorescence tubes were replaced with 70 modern LED Lighting fixtures from our factories.



Energy efficiency based on LED technology products is described along its using in daily life for improving energy saving rate and satisfaction with our consumers.

Energy efficiency is our main concern for us, Energy Green Holding, one of the top market suppliers for LED Lighting technology products.

EXE Green Holding - LED technology

LED and other technologies have revolutionized the lighting industry. We now have more options, more value, less energy use, and more synergy and integration in our lighting ranges than ever before. We all know LED lights use vastly less electricity and last a great deal longer than incandescent and CFL lights, but here are some

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Along with the evolution of the digital systems we entered the era of IoT (Internet of Things) and along the path we witnessed the birth of intelligent cities and intelligent buildings as a result of the need for energy efficiency while consuming more and more natural resources and electricity. The rapid economic growth of certain urban

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EXE Green Holding at RoEnergy 2017

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During 21-23 June, in Bucharest, it is held the annual international event RoEnergy 2017, the energy fair which reached its sixth edition this year. Lots of European companies activating in the energy field offered their latest technologies to the participants and share their knowledge to the interested public; among them, our company was also proudly

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Laser based white light sources

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At the upcoming Strategies in Light 2017 conference which will take place from February 28 to March 2 at Anaheim, CA in the track entitled “Technology Innovation to Support Market Growth,” a session will be devoted to the topic “Light Source Evolution and the Future of Lighting.” The lead speaker in this session will be

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Have you ever imagined how it is to pay 80% more on electricity bills just because the incandescence light bulbs use 80% of the energy to heat your house? Yes, you read it well: to heat your house. In fact, you do it month after month – 80% of the cost of the electricity bills