Save energy with
EXE Green Holding


Energy Efficiency

We analyse the use of energy of your company (how, why, when) and tell you how to save some of least 40%!

  • simple
  • efficient
  • extraordinary results


We design the LED Light Projects to arrange the lights into a certain space according to rigurous measurements.

  • beautiful designs
  • efficient use of energy
  • impressive view


It's all about the use of energy instead of fossil fuels - don't you think it's high time we move on from classic engines to electric ones?

  • EV Charging stations
  • simple to use
  • only satisfied customers

Energy Efficiency Innovation

We don't only use LED products, we make a lot of products ourselves; and we innovate a lot. Custom made innovation. Try us!

  • beautiful designs
  • efficient use of energy
  • satisfied clients

EXE GREEN HOLDING offers you more than that

Custom solutions, tailor made for each of our clients. Just tell us your ideas and we'll put them into practice.

By using our products you get “no matter what” full warranty, up to 5 years, depending on the project destination and overall costs.

We offer solutions for every type of Business starting from small to big and from cheap to luxurious, and also to Commercial buildings as well as Retail companies.